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You really want to protect your family’s health and care for the environment but…

  • When you go shopping you struggle to find plastic-free alternatives for your kids’ snacks and lunches. The limited availability of plastic-free options in your local grocery stores makes it challenging for you to make the switch.

  • Your hectic schedule and the additional tasks of cleaning, maintaining, and remembering to bring your reusable bags for shopping make it more inconvenient to use less plastic consistently.
  • You want to buy organic produce to reduce plastic packaging but are frustrated by the higher cost of eco-friendly products which is often a significant barrier for your family’s limited budget.
  • You find it challenging to keep up the added maintenance and cleaning for things like reusable water bottles and food containers, that add to your already packed schedule.
  • You often hear complaints from family members who don’t understand your efforts to reduce plastic usage causing frustration.
  • Lack of Access or Infrastructure: In some regions, access to plastic alternatives or facilities for recycling or reusing materials might be limited. This lack of infrastructure can impede efforts to reduce plastic usage. rural area, faces challenges in accessing stores that offer plastic-free alternatives. The lack of infrastructure and limited availability of stores that support eco-friendly options makes it difficult for her to purchase plastic-free products easily.
  • You feel social pressure in trying to break away from community norms and other parents who stick to traditional, plastic-reliant practices as you try to reduce plastic in your family’s daily routines.


  • Limited Support from Businesses or Industries: frustrated by the lack of support from local stores or businesses that do not offer plastic-free alternatives. Despite her efforts, she finds it challenging to source products that align with her goals to reduce plastic use.


  • Conflicting Information: conflicting information about the best eco-friendly products to use for her family. Confusion arises from differing opinions and sources, making it challenging for her to make informed decisions.

And you might be making it even harder to keep your family safe if you’re…

  • Deciding how safe something “looks” to make choices to protect your family’s health.
  • Relying on word-of-mouth or social media scrolling to choose products that are safe for your family.
  • Trusting sources that show up Google searches to find out what’s safest.
  • Trying to do research when you have spare moments of down time (i.e. the carpool line) instead of really focusing.

You Need a Make It Green Membership!

The Make It Green Membership Community is a one-stop resource of reliable information for busy moms like you who want to make choices that are healthy and safe for your family and the planet.

The content and information is organized around your everyday life.  You can get info about how to reduce toxins and go green in a specific room  (i.e. your kids’ bathroom) or by routine (i.e. kitchen clean up or grocery shopping)!

Choose from a variety of formats to learn from, including mini-courses, downloadable guides, and live workshops. Plus get product reviews and recommendations so you don’t have to guess what’s safe and effective.

Sometimes having information printed out on paper is easier to use and make progress! Downloadable guides also help get your family involved!

Mini-courses take you through the steps to makeover one complete room or routine from start to finish so you can be confident you’re protecting your family’s health and the planet.

Plus you’ll get:

  • Live calls & workshops
  • Private Facebook group
  • Go-To Lists of Safe Cleaners
  • YOU get to help decide what content to add to the Greenily Guide!  




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