Learn How to Make Safe, Eco-Friendly
Swaps to the Plastic You Use Everyday!

Without endlessly searching online, worrying about trustworthy info, or changing your family routines.

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You want to protect your family’s health and avoid the harmful chemicals in some plastics but you’re frustrated by…

– Limited plastic-free options in your local grocery store for your kids’ snacks and lunches.


– Remembering to bring your reusable bags for shopping.


– Hearing complaints from your family who don’t understand your efforts to reduce plastic use.


– Conflicting information from differing sources about the best eco-friendly, plastic-free products.

But what if learning how to use less plastic and what to use instead was convenient and frustration-free?

What if there was a single resource where you could get the info you needed – and some you didn’t even realize you needed – to help you make changes that are healthier for your family and the planet?! Plus support from other moms who GET it!

You need Make It Green!

The Make It Green Membership Community is a one-stop resource of reliable information for busy moms like you who want to make choices that are healthy and safe for your family and the planet.


The content and information is organized around your everyday life.  You can get info about how to reduce toxins and go green in a specific room  (i.e. your kids’ bathroom) or by routine (i.e. kitchen clean up or grocery shopping)!

Choose from a variety of formats to learn from, including mini-courses, downloadable guides, and live workshops. Plus get product reviews and recommendations so you don’t have to guess what’s safe and effective.

Sometimes having information printed out on paper is easier to use and make progress! Downloadable guides also help get your family involved!

Mini-courses take you through the steps to makeover one complete room or routine from start to finish so you can be confident you’re protecting your family’s health and the planet.

Plus you’ll get:

  • Live calls & workshops
  • Private Facebook group
  • Go-To Lists of Safe Cleaners
  • YOU get to help decide what content to add to Make It Green!