Clean Safe NOW!

Download an easy-to-use list of safe store-bought

bathroom cleaners and where to buy them.

Clean Safer Now!

Download a FREE list of safe, store-bought bathroom cleaners and info on where to buy them now!


With the Quick Guide to Safe Bathroom Cleaners you can:

  • Switch to safer cleaning products NOW. Just check the list and click the link!

  • Stop guessing which products are actually safe.  ‘Cause cleaning product labels can be confusing and misleading.  🙁

  • Save time and skip the search to figure out where you can buy safer products.  All that info, and more, is right at your fingertips! 

  • Instantly access the online list of safe cleaners anywhere.  Your phone (while at the store) or your computer (while you’re shopping online at home). No more forgetting your list at home! 🙂

  • Feel great about making the switch to cleaners that are safer for your family and the planet!  Give yourself a big pat on the back!  🙂                   

I know, I know change is hard…but switching to safer cleaning products is not!  

This sounds like ALOT of work!  I’ve done all the research on which cleaners are actually safe using the Environmental Working Group Healthy Cleaner Database as a guide.  All you have to do is check the list and grab the product off the shelf or click to order online! 

Environmentally friendly cleaners are SO expensive.  Not necessarily, in fact prices have come down as more choices have come on to the market.  And, since the products are available at mainstream stores they often go on sale.

“Green” cleaners don’t work as well.   I have personally tried every cleaner on this list.  My family of 5, plus pets, has put them to the test and I’ve been happy with each of them.  They get the job done and are safe for my family and the planet!

I don’t shop at expensive, organic markets.   No worries!  The products on the list are on the list in part because they are available at mainstream retailers so you don’t have to make a special trip to a store you don’t normally frequent.