Veteran Compost

  • Veteran-owned business focused on turning food scraps into high quality organic compost
  • Pick up available in Maryland, DC and Virginia
  • Own and operate their own permitted composting facilities
  • Large scale worm composting operation
  • Compost is chemical free, 100% Organic and approved for Organic Farming
  • 100% Wind Power used to make our compost



The average American throws away an average of 20 pounds of food per month which ends up in landfills. Once in the landfill all that food creates harmful methane gas as it decomposes. Lots of food also ends up going down the drain where water treatment plants must use energy resources to filter and clean water.

One way to cut down on food waste is to do your best to buy only what you need and use what you have.  Even if you do that you are still likely to have some food – or food scraps – that need to be thrown out.  To keep it out of the landfill consider composting.  (Check out “Why Compost?” to get started.)

If you aren’t up for composting at home consider a compost pick up service called Veteran Compost.  All you do is separate your food waste from your regular trash and recycling into a separate bin and Veteran Compost will pick it up for you once a week.  It’s that simple!

Veteran Compost is about two things – employing veterans and their family members and turning food scraps into high-quality compost.  So, not only can you feel good about keeping food waste out of landfills but you can also feel great about supporting a company that supports our veterans!