Tube Free Toilet Paper

  • No tube = less trash
  • 40% recycled toilet paper
  • Scent free
  • Cut down on the number of toilet paper tubes thrown away each year

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I am really excited by this toilet paper!  I’m serious!  When I saw it in the store I actually said out loud (mostly under my breath), “This is so cool – tube free toilet paper!!”  It is such a small change but to me those are the things that are so easy to do and can add up to such a big impact.

According to the package info, “Each year 17 billion cardboard tubes are thrown away in the U.S. alone. Tube-free toilet paper can help cut down on the 160 million pounds of waste caused by those 17 billion toilet paper tubes discarded each year.”  I’m sorry, but that’s a big deal!!

What I didn’t realize when I bought it is that it’s also made from 40% recycled materials.  So, it’s not 100% but I give it a lot of credit for being tube-free!

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