• Nation’s leading independent provider of solar ratings
  • Ratings calulator based on years of proprietary research and collaborations with the Department of Energy SunShot Catalyst program and the National Renewable Energy Laboratories
  • Free Solar System Value Calculator available online
  • Savenia Verified Solar Rating goes deeper to examine system specifications


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If you are thinking about adding solar to your home you know there is a lot to consider and learn about before making a decision. One of those is the costs to going solar and whether or not solar panels add value to your home.

The good news is that investing in solar does increase your home value but by how much?  Is it possible to put a value on your home solar system?  If so, is it possible to convey that value to potential home buyers in an easy to understand, marketable way?

The answer is yes!  Savenia’s award-winning Free Solar System Value Calculator can help you do both by simplifying and clarifying the value solar brings to your solar home!  Here’s more about why valuing a home solar system can be a challenge but how Savenia can help you get past all of it.

So if you already have solar panels or are just considering it now you can be sure that you’ll capture the added value they provide to the value of your home when it’s time to sell!



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