One Green Thing Challenge

You are passionate and inspired about doing your part to protect the planet for future generations but you’re not sure where to start. Let’s take this in baby steps!

With the 14-day ONE GREEN THING CHALLENGE, I’ll guide you through the process of creating new, green habits.  You’ll start making changes – without stressing you out!

You’ll get…

1. One simple daily task you can complete in less than 10 minutes that will effortlessly move you along the path to living greener.

2. Help get family members on board (even those tough teens!) by providing big picture facts you can use to explain why change is important to get them to care as much as you do!

3. Tools to track your progress to keep you moving forward and motivated.

4. A community of like-minded people who are working to move their families toward practicing greener habits every day!

go green

Be Kind to the Earth Every Day!

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