How To Gradually Switch from Toxic Plastic Containers for Leftovers and Lunches Instead of Making Changes All At Once or Tossing All Your Tupperware.


In this FREE guide, you’ll learn how to ID different types of plastics, which are safe to use, which aren’t, and what to use instead. 

Are you worried that the plastic you use is harmful to your family (and the planet) and you really want to make some changes but…

You find yourself Googling, “What type of plastic is toxic?” over and over but never really feel confident with the search results to sort through your plastic containers. 

You’re frustrated with not being able to find answers so you can get rid of the plastic containers in your cabinet that are harmful so you just give up and stop looking for answers.

You’re feeling bad that you’ve stopped trying to figure out what changes to make because you got confused and overwhelmed and now that feeling of dread is stuck in your head.

I get it 1000%!

It’s exactly why I created the FREE guide!

So you can feel confident, get clarity, and keep your family healthy!

So let me ask you, do you want to continue to be worried that your plastic food storage is full of harmful chemicals and just toss them all? 

Or, do you want to learn what’s safe to keep and use?

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