Ready For A Change?

For the last 9 days you have spent a lot of time observing your daily routines and habits.  


It was an important exercise because it forced you to pay attention to how you go about your day and notice the things that are likely on auto pilot.


For the rest of the Challenge, we are going to take the important things we learned about our habits and start to tweak them just a tiny bit.


And to help you do just that, I’ve created a cheat sheet for you!  


It’s full of easy changes you can make to the way you normally live that are just a little more eco-friendly!




50 Green Habits You Can Start Today (And Why You Should!)










 Just like the first part of the Challenge, you’ll focus on one area a day. 

Here’s your schedule:

Challenge Day 10 – Do one green thing to reduce waste

Challenge Day 11 – Do one green thing to use less water

Challenge Day 12 – Do one green thing to use less energy

Challenge Day 13 – Do one green thing to reduce toxins in your home

Challenge Day 14 – Do one green thing in all 4 areas

Remember, living greener is all about taking baby steps and every little step counts!  

There is no need to take on your entire life at once and drive yourself – and your family – crazy!

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for living as green as possible!  

Also know that changing habits takes time and they take a while to stick and become your new auto-pilot! 


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