Day #1:

What’s Your Why?


Your first task before diving into Day 1 of the One Green Thing Challenge is to print out the One Green Thing Challenge Worksheet.

You’ll use this worksheet to work your way through the Challenge and to help you move forward.

====> Print the One Green Thing Challenge Worksheet HERE

On to the task at hand!

To help you frame the Challenge for yourself and give the whole thing some context and perspective, I’d like to ask you to spend some time thinking about WHY it’s important for you to try to live greener?  Why do you care?

Is it to preserve the beauty of our planet? 

Is it to protect our planet for future generations?

Your WHY is yours!  There is no right answer – it’s pretty personal actually so no pressure, no judgment.

But – feel free to share your WHY in the Busy Moms Going Green Facebook Group! Click HERE to join the group!

We’d love to hear from you!

====> Click HERE to print out your Challenge worksheet to get started!