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Free 3-Day Learn to Live Greener Mini Workshop (Quarantine Edition!) 


how to stop using paper towels

Give up paper towels and napkins


kitchen cleaners

Switch to green cleaners

keep stuff out of the landfill after spring cleaning

Keep giveaways out of the landifll

Starting soon, join me in a private Facebook group where I’ll guide you and other busy moms through a mini-workshop on simple, GREENER changes you can make to your normal routine! 


We’ll focus on 3 specific areas to help you live greener:


1. How to give up using paper towels and napkins

2. How to use cleaners that are safer and more eco-friendly

3. How to keep the stuff you no longer want/need out of the landfill


In addition to the bite-sized lessons, tune in LIVE on Facebook for group chat sessions to ask questions and share!