Learn to Live Greener 5 Day Challenge!

In this super simple challenge, I’ll take you through a few easy but eye-opening steps so you can…

Get clear on why you CARE about protecting the planet which will help your family make changes that stick.

Learn to be more mindful of your current daily rituals and routines and begin to go from autopilot to AWARE.

 LEARN the impact your actions have and what to do differently so you feel inspired to make a difference everyday.

Start to make simple changes to LIVE in ways that are good for the planet and doable for your family!

Join to Jump Start!

oin me for a fun, 5-day challenge to jump-start green living and start seeing the world through green-colored glasses!  

Here’s what past participants are saying about the Challenge…

“It made me more conscious of my actions – and I thought I was already pretty conscious. It was a good reminder.”

“How easy it is to do good.”

“A good reminder of the importance of making being green a priority.”

“Refocus on doable things to be more green.”

Hi, I’m Pam!

Going green is important to you and you want your family to make changes that will make a difference.

But having the time to focus on figuring out which changes to make is a challenge.  And you also have to figure out how to fit them into your busy life!

On top of that is the added pressure of knowing how important it is to take action now.  How can it not stress you out when you hear there’s so much waste in our oceans that it’s formed giant, floating garbage patches that are made up of almost 2 trillion pieces of trash?!*

I get it!  I’m a wife and mom to three busy teens, a cat, and a dog and I have figured out how to do our part and live green every day easily. 

It’s time to get peace of mind knowing that you ARE doing your part and making a difference.  Learn the simple, small changes you can make now to get started.

I’d love to help!