This week we're sharing the fun we had cleaning out the garage!  Okay, maybe not fun but necessary.

What was also necessary, in my opinion, was trying to keep as much as we could from going to the landfill.  

So how can you get rid of odd items you no longer want but keep them from going to the landfill?  Here are a few ideas for some harder-to-recycle items! 

Best Buy store drop-off

Printer cartridges, Batteries, Electronics
Staples store drop-off

Non-Working Christmas Lights
HolidayLEDS mail-in program

AwardsMall mail-in program

Unusable Clothing/Linens
Retold Recycling mail-in program

Unusable Sneakers/Shoes
Got Sneakers mail-in program

Flat Tennis Balls
Rebounces mail-in program

If you need help finding a way to recycle something else, email me at!

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