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Click HERE or the image below to visit my Prime Day 2020 list on Amazon to see all of the products that can help your family live greener every day!

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Here are a few highlights from the list and how they can help! 

This printer has a refillable tank instead of ink cartridges which helps reduce waste – and save money.  For more tips on creating an eco-friendly workspace, check out this post,  “Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home Workspace.”

Switching from paper towels and napkins creates a lot less waste and conserves natural resources.  Grab these cloth napkins to help make the switch!  For more on how to give up paper towels & napkins check out, “How To Stop Using Paper Towels and Paper Napkins in 6 Simple Steps

A quick swap to your body wash in a plastic bottle or bar soap wrapped in plastic are these biodegradable body wash pods with compostable packaging! 

This portable solar charge has come in really handy this summer, especially at the beach!  Plus it’s SUPER cool to use the power of the sun to charge devices!

One of the easiest ways to live greener is to switch out your regular bulbs for energy-efficient LEB bulbs.  This is a pack to get started!  For more info about LED bulbs, check out this post “How To Easily Switch to LED Bulbs – And Why You Should

Protect your phone and the planet with this plastic-free, biodegradable phone case!  I love innovative products like this!

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