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It’s almost Father’s Day!  Are you in need of some gift ideas for dad?

You’re in the right place!

In this post, I’ll give you some great gift ideas for dad that are also eco-friendly! Bonus, right?!  🙂

Oh, you weren’t looking for eco-friendly ideas?

That’s totally okay…but keep reading ’cause I’m going to make it SO easy – and why not make it an eco-friendly gift this year?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to have you running out to buy bamboo handled razors or a solar powered bbq (although those would be great and super cool gifts in my book!) but let’s see if there’s a green take on whatever you had in mind instead.

In other words, can you tweak what you were planning on gifting and make it a little more eco-friendly?

Let me demonstrate with a few ideas to get you thinking in the right direction!


Let’s say you really want to get your dad the quintessential dad gift – a tie (or some other clothing).  I love that – and I bet he will too…but what makes clothing more eco-friendly?

Try to take a look at the bigger picture and consider a few things.

How sustainable are the practices used to produce the resource (i.e. organically grown cotton)?  How is any manufacturing waste disposed of?  Does the company provide opportunities for the community where it operates (i.e. employment for an underprivileged population)?  Does the company support environmental causes?

I have to admit, I can’t find many sustainably produced clothing items at my local mall.  It would be great if I could but instead, I have to head online.

This article, “14 Fair Trade Fashion Brands For The Conscious Gentleman,” is a great resource for environmentally-conscious clothing brands with great gift ideas for dad.

One brand I found recently that I love is Conscious Step.  They are a sock company that aims to, “…take a product that everyone uses and produce it in a way that gives back to the planet rather than taking from it.”

I have given a few pairs of these to my husband for Christmas and they are great!  Not only do they come in fun patterns but you can also choose what cause you want your purchase to support!  🙂

Choose from socks that protect oceans, protect trees, protect elephants, conserve rainforests…and more!

Another way to go eco-friendly when it comes to clothing is to help your dad do a little closet purge!

If you’ve just given him some new (eco-friendly) clothing it’s a great idea to get rid of a few items at the same time. (No need to be offended if he chooses some you’ve given him!!).

Old clothing can be donated to a variety of local charities including larger organizations like Goodwill or smaller ones like local churches and shelters.


Books & Magazines

Another great gift idea for dad that is SO easy to make eco-friendly is the gift of books and magazines!

Does your dad have a favorite magazine?  Do you have a tradition of renewing his subscription each Father’s Day?

Either way, how about gifting dad’s favorite magazine as an online subscription instead?  Many magazines are now available digitally and it’s SO easy to gift a subscription.

If you want to gift books instead, consider gifting a subscription to Audible Audiobooks.

Both options help to reduce the amount of paper used and create no waste!

I realize that these digital options mean that you might have to hook dad up with a device to read/listen to these versions on – if he doesn’t already have one.

Consider something simple to use like a Kindle.




Greeting Cards

Speaking of creating less waste and saving paper, here is a great environmentally friendly option for greeting cards

Instead of hitting the Hallmark store why not create a video card instead?

Grab your smartphone or tablet to record a personalized video Father’s Day greeting.  You can get the whole family in on the video to create a fun, memorable keepsake.

I know my kids LOVE making videos.  They are so creative and are great at adding all sorts of fun music and effects!

And if dad isn’t local this gift is easy to “ship” right to him!



This one is a little more obvious as an eco-friendly gift idea for dad, but how about giving him a plant?

Indoor plants are a great way to naturally clean the air and reduce toxins – and a gift that lasts a long time – assuming he waters it!  🙂

Personally, I find it fascinating that plants can clean the air in your home!

For a great description of how it works and which plants do it best, check out this article from the blog by Kimberly Button, Get Green Be Well, “Indoor Plants that Clean the Air: How Do They Remove Toxins?”

Outdoor plants are another great eco-friendly gift idea for dad and his garden.

When choosing a plant, make sure to choose one that is native to where dad lives.  This will ensure it’s well adapted to the climate making it easier to care for.

Native plants can also provide food and shelter for local wildlife, helping to restore the health and function of a local ecosystem.

If you’re not sure what type of plant would be best, check out this Native Plant Finder from the National Wildlife Federation.

Again, as long as dad cares for the plant it will be around a long time to remind him of you every time he sees it!


Happy Father’s Day

While I could go on and on with examples of great ways to put a green take on gift ideas for dad, hopefully, these few have you thinking about ways to do it all on your own!

If you need more help getting into the “green” mindset, check out my post, “How To Turn Almost Any Gift Into An Eco Friendly Gift” for more tips and tricks!

Here’s to a happy Father’s Day!!