Yep, it’s that time of the year when many of us decide it’s time to make some changes, dammit! 🙂

We decide it’s time to get our butts in gear and start eating healthier, start exercising, lose weight, spend more time with family, get a new job, etc., etc., etc.

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Resolution Reality

I’m all for making a decision and going for it but here’s a dose of reality when it comes to New Years resolutions :

  • Only 64%  last longer than the first month
  • Only 46% last longer than six months

I share this not to deter you from making resolutions to better yourself and others but so that you’re not hard on yourself when you slip up.

‘Cause slipping up is going to happen.  We’re human, right?!


Set Yourself Up For Success

One way to help stick to a resolution is to really keep in mind your “why”.

Why is this important to you?

Why does it excite you to think about how you’ll feel when you accomplish it?

How great will you feel even just making progress on your resolution?

In addition to keeping in mind your “why” here are a few other tips to get resolutions to stick:

  • Pick just one resolution – not 20!
  • Choose a very specific goal/resolution
  • Take baby steps – not giant leaps!


One Green Resolution

So you knew it was coming right?  I’m here to ask if you can make just ONE green resolution this year.

I truly believe that we should all try to do our part to be more aware of how our actions affect the bigger picture and the health of our planet.

You may be thinking, “I’m supposed to protect the PLANET?  The whole thing?!  Hold on…that’s way too big of a job!”

Not to worry!  I’m not going to ask you to take it all on or even start with anything major at all.

In fact, you GOTTA start small.  If you don’t the whole thing will feel too overwhelming and you’ll just give up!

So, you have to start with ONE small thing to focus on.  When you do, that one small thing will act like a gateway to bigger and better things.  And before you know it you have a whole mindset change going on!!

It really can be that easy!!

So, here’s a really easy thing to start with.  You can do it at home or when you’re out.

Give up using plastic straws.  Period. (Read more about why plastic straws suck here!)

Don’t buy any more to use at home.  Purchase an inexpensive set of reusable ones instead. (I use these reusable, stainless steel straws at home.)

Don’t use one in a restaurant.  Either say no if you’re asked if you want one or ask to not have one just stuck in your drink.

If you can’t stand putting your lips on the restaurant glass (yes, I have heard this as an excuse!) purchase a reusable, portable straw to take out with you. (I use this one!)

I guarantee if you just give up using plastic straws you’ll start to think about lots of other small ways you can make an impact!!

Your whole perspective will start to shift and it’s amazing what you’ll start to focus on next!


Get More Green Tips!

I’d love to hear if you decide to take on this resolution!  And if you do, what other things you are starting to think about changing?

If you’re stumped for ideas check out the Start Here page or sign up to join me for the next One Green Thing Challenge for Busy Moms!