Whether you realize it or not, you spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom!  One stat I found claims that men spend on average 2 years and 125 days of their lives in the bathroom and women spend 2 years and 40 days!

And, since you spend so much time in the bathroom, why not make it a green bathroom?  There are lots of lazy, low-effort opportunities!

Recycle More for a Green Bathroom

Given the fact that you spend a lot of time in the bathroom you shouldn’t be surprised that you use a lot of products there.

And, what do all of those product come in – containers, packaging, etc.

Shampoo is in a plastic bottle.  Toothpaste comes in a tube.  Toilet paper comes on a roll that is packaged in plastic wrap.  Razor blades come in a paper box.

The examples go on and on.

The first simple way to get a green bathrom is to buy products that either have less packaging or that are in packaging/containers that can be recycled…or better yet BOTH.  This way you can create less waste and send less to a landfill on the front end – before you even use the product.

This is called precycling.

For example, you’re in the drugstore and need to grab some toothpaste.  You probably reach for a tube of toothpaste.  That’s going to leave you with a box you can recycle and a tube that you can’t.  🙁

Instead, grab a BOTTLE of toothpaste!  That’s going to leave you with a bottle to recycle and nothin’ headed to the landfil!

See?  So easy!

Next is straight up, old-fashioned recycling!  Just. Do. More!

There are SO many things you can recycle from the bathroom.  Here are just a FEW but I bet if you go to your bathroom right now you can identify LOTS more:

  • Shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • Face/body lotion bottles
  • Shaving cream cans
  • Tampon boxes
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Cotton swab box
  • Hairspray bottle
  • Paper backing of makeup packaging

By the way, if you’re uncertain about whether you can recycle an item check to see if it has the “How 2 Recycle” symbol on it.  And, check out my post, “Do You Know How 2 Recycle?” for more info about this handy symbol!

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Use Less Water for a Green Bathroom

Yes, this is obvious and is really more about changing habits but using less water is greener.  Why?

Water isn’t an endless supply.  Once it goes down the drain it has to be treated at a water treatment facility.  That water treatment facility is powered by electricity which is likely powered using non-renewable energy.  (For more information about non-renewable energy check out my post, “Why You Need to Find Out If You Can Choose Renewable Energy.”)

Soooo, the less water you use, the less has to be treated and less energy is used.

Plus, conserving water helps to ensure supplies for future generations, includiing the wildlife that relies on it.

What can you do?  I’m going to keep this really simple for you…

Take shorter showers!

Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth!

Remind, remind, remind (aka nag!) your family to do the same!

Use Less Energy for a Green Bathroom

This one is just like conserving water – it’s largely about changing your habits and upping your nagging game!

Seriously, do these three things so save energy in the bathroom:

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  2. Don’t leave your bathroom fan running non-stop
  3. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater

The first two are self-explanatory but let me elaborate on #3.

If you turn down the temperature your hot water heater has to reach, you will use less energy ’cause it doesn’t have to work as hard to get to a higher temperature. Comprende?

It goes hand-in-hand with using less water too.  It’s a win-win!

Get Rid of Toxins for a Green Bathroom

No one likes cleaning the bathroom but you gotta do it and you want to do a good job.  A smelly, dirty bathroom is no fun!!

Unfortunately, cleaning products can be a major source of toxins.  These toxins can cause short term (dizziness, headaches) side effects and long term affects (cancer, endocrine system problems)  in certain quantities and combinations.

And where do most of your cleaning products go?  Down the drain!

Most of the chemicals are removed during the water treatment process but not all.  Those that aren’t can build up over time in waterways causing harm to plants and wildlife.

Your cleaning products don’t have to be toxic!  There are LOTS of DIY and store-bought choices that are much safer for your family and the environment!  And they actually work!  Oh, and they don’t cost triple the price of unsafe products!

To make swapping out cleaners super simple for you I’ve created a list of Safe Bathroom Cleaners!  It’s all online so it’s easy to bookmark or save to your phone for easy reference when you’re out shopping!


Ready for a Green Bathroom?

So, that’s it!  Whose ready to take 5 minutes to turn down the hot water heater?  Or grab the shampoo without all the packaging off the shelf instead?

Having a green bathroom is really that simple, I promise!

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