I got my spouse to go green and he survived!

I recently asked (okay, nagged!) my husband (for the millionth time!) to share his experience living with me and all my green demands with Greenily readers.  I know changing habits is hard, especially with your wife breathing down your neck!  So, here it is  – Rob’s blogging debut!  Enjoy!


The exact date is a bit of a blur but it was several years ago that my wife announced we were going to “go green” and start living a green life.  I initially thought she meant she had found a way to make a lot of money but I soon learned that was not what she was talking about.  Darn!

I rushed online and found a definition that helped me better understand what my future entailed….

What the Heck Does That Mean?

“Going green” means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

Going green and living a green life left me with so many really important questions…..

green life

  • Do I get a bag or do I need to shove everything in my pockets and hope I am not mistaken for a shoplifter?
  • When I am asked if I want a receipt do I say yes or no?
  • Are paper towels bad?
  • Where did all the napkins go?
  • Why doesn’t the cleaning stuff smell like bleach and why do I miss that smell?
  • Which bin do chicken wing bones go in?
  • What is that package made of and why do I need to know?
  • Where did all the Styrofoam cups I borrowed from 7/11 go?
  • Save rainwater, why?
  • Wait, you can get milk from a farm?
  • They make a solar powered lawn mower?
  • Recycled toilet paper?  I don’t want to ask!

To make things much worse, I am in the mortgage business.  They say we have become more paperless but let’s just say I would not want to be a tree during a refinance boom!

I Can Do This!

Although living a green life has been a bit of an adjustment, my wife has made it fun and I feel good about doing my part. However, I have to admit, I have:

green life

  • Pretended it’s a hassle bringing home empty/greasy pizza boxes from school events to get them composted
  • Acted grumpy when we bought energy efficient light bulbs to replace every “perfectly good“ lightbulb in the house
  • Teased my wife for mailing used juice bags somewhere to be reincarnated into whatever old juice bags are reborn to be
  • Smiled as my wife gathered paper products off strangers picnic tables to bring them home rather than risk them going into the trash.
  • Laughed as I watched her dumpster diving in the school cafeteria to make sure items only go into the proper green team approved receptacles.


We Live a Green Life!

green lifeWe are now a pretty green family and you know what, I think it’s cool.

We recycle just about anything that can be recycled. We don’t use many paper products.  We try to keep items out of landfills.

I know, I still drive a big SUV but Rome was not built in a day! I honestly did not have much of a choice, but this journey has been fun and makes me feel great!

I recommend you and your family go all in and start living a green life as well!  You’ll survive, I did! 🙂

go green

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