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It’s time to start figuring out how many school valentines to get for your son’s Valentine’s Day class party!  It’s also time to hit the stores (i.e. grocery store, craft store, Target!) hoping you can still find boxed cards with your son’s favorite super hero character on them.

You might also be on the hunt for pink and red Hershey’s Kisses to tape onto each card.

I don’t know about you but my head is spinning just from writing this!

Trash Breaks My Heart!

While you are running around getting your school valentines it probably hasn’t occurred to you how much trash all of that is going to leave behind. Once the card has been given a quick glance and that Hershey’s Kiss has been ripped off and eaten it’s all likely to end up in the trash. Not to mention how much school valentines stuff (aka trash) your own kids will bring home. Ugh!

Not to fear! I’ve got you covered! Check out this Greenily video full of tips about how to get rid of all of your Valentine’s Day goodies in an eco-friendly way!

I know that’s a lot of gloom and doom – sorry! Hopefully, though, it sunk in that all that stuff you buy for school valentines really will create a mound of trash. Hopefully, you’re also wondering what you can do about it – that won’t make you crazy ‘cause you’re not looking to add a bunch of extra things to your To Do list. :-O

I’m here for ya!! Here are a few easy alternatives you can create or buy to make those school valentines eco-friendly! Give me just a minute to win you over…you can always run to Target after reading this if you’re not convinced! 🙂

Gifts for Classmates

In theory, I like cooking, baking and making crafts. In reality, it stresses me out – especially when I let my kids get involved. It feels like the mess gets bigger and things get out of control. Those are my issues so I’m taking a few deep breaths and trying to let go so we can have some fun. If that sounds like you, I invite you to take a deep breath right along with me and let it roll ‘cause we’re about to make Valentine’s Day cards!

Seed Paper Hearts

One idea I LOVE are these recycled seed paper heart Valentines.  They are made using just a few ingredients you likely already have on hand. They are absolutely eco-friendly! The heart itself is made to be planted and the card it’s attached to is totally recyclable!

I know these seem like they will require more effort but just think about the time you’d spend hitting Target instead…probably buying a bunch of throw pillows and socks you don’t need anyway!! Instead, you can spend time with your 10 year old son – who will likely complain the whole time and not help clean up! 🙂  Seriously, these are a GREAT eco-friendly alternative – and an opportunity to bond with your kid!

Homemade Cards

Making Valentine’s Day cards at home is another great eco-friendly option. Not only does it eliminate packaging waste but it also allows you to do a little “green” promoting even on this pink and red filled day.

My kids have gone the homemade route before and had a lot of fun creating them. We opt for red, pink and white construction paper made from recycled paper cut into your standard heart shape. You can stick a few together any way you (or your kid!) like for a classroom full of unique Valentine’s Day wishes!

Homemade cards are a great idea for teachers too! Easy to personalize and share a special message!​

One other thing you can add to your homemade card is a reminder to recycle it when your classmate is done enjoying your creation. I am sure my kids will moan and groan when I suggest this little addition but I’m used to it. And, it never hurts to encourage and remind others to keep it green!​

homemade school valentines

Gifts for Teachers

Gotta show your teacher a little love on Valentine’s Day too, right? What better way to do that then with a homemade, straight from your child’s heart homemade card? So easy and personal!!

Another idea is to treat your child’s teacher to some chocolate and strawberries! I’m not talking about your typical chocolate covered strawberries though!

eco friendly school valentines

Check out these Strawberry Flowerpot Cupcakes!! They are adorable…and so much more eco-friendly than grocery store bought flowers (which are NOT eco-friendly – check out this Greenily post about flowers).

They do require a little extra effort but after picking up a few items on your regular trip to the grocery store, a quick trip to the craft store (or maybe even just to your garden shed!) and an hour spent baking with your kids you have a unique, eco-friendly, yummy school valentine for your teacher!!

It’s Your Turn

Making school valentines a little more eco-friendly is easy! Now you’ve got a few ideas that won’t take you long and are sure to be extra special.

To make it even easier for you, I’ve created a School Valentines Quick Reference sheet listing all of the supplies you need for each idea. In addition to a supply list, I’ve included the link to the directions for each idea making them easy to access without having to scroll through the post again!

All you have to do is decide what you want to create, set aside a little time and let the mess begin!! (Remember, deep breaths!! 🙂 )


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