Recycle more with these handy How2Recycle labels

I read an article about How 2 Recycle not too long ago, got excited about it, meant to learn more then promptly got distracted by life!  So, what is How 2 Recycle and why the heck would I be excited about it!!??  (Hint: I LOVE this stuff!)

What Is How 2 Recycle?

how2recycleHow 2 Recycle is a handy label that is printed on a wide variety of product packaging. The labels are standardized so that no matter what type of packaging you’re looking at the components of the label are always the same!  I LOVE this!  It’s SO easy and you can’t mess up!

Here are a few other facts about How 2 Recycle:

How 2 Recycle Label Details

Each How 2 Recycle label has 3 to 4 easy to understand components:

  1. The bottom of the label identifies each part of the packaging separately (i.e. box, wrap, tray, etc.).
  2. Next, the label tells you where each part of the packaging can be recycled – paper, plastic, etc.
  3. The next section of the label lets you know whether the material is recyclable or not.
  4. When needed another section provides information about how to prepare the items for recyclingexamples of recycling prep instructions include:
  • Empty & replace cap
  • Rinse & insert lid
  • Empty & discard pump
  • See website for cap

Do All Packages Have the Label?

Including the label on packaging is totally voluntary but currently has over 50 participating brands and companies. Some of those include well-known names as Target, Annie’s, Kellogg’s, Clorox. McDonald’s, Seventh Generation, Kimberly Clark, REI and Nestle/Purina.

Here are just some of the labels I found on products in my house – a bag of snacks, a cereal box and a box of granola bars!

how 2 recyclehow 2 recyclehow 2 recycle




Shop For Labels

So, obviously, you can use the labels when you are done with the package.  You can also use the labels when you are shopping!!  A quick glance at the How 2 Recycle label on a package could help you choose between two similar items. If one has packaging that is totally recyclable go for it over the one that doesn’t!  What a great way to reduce waste that is sent to the landfill!

It’s great to be armed up front with information about what you can do with your product’s packaging after you are done with it.  It’s not always easy to purchase items that have no packaging at all – in fact it’s down right difficult, I know, I try!  At least with these labels I can feel good knowing that I can CHOOSE a product with packaging that doesn’t have to end up in a landfill!

Now It’s Your Turn!

I’m hoping more and more brands and companies participate making it easier and easier to recycle.  Now that you know about these labels make a super easy tweak to your behavior and be on the lookout for them, tell your friends and family and recycle all you can.  It’s SO easy – it’s your family only greener!! 🙂