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Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m still searching for the perfect gift!  I want to get my mom something she’ll really enjoy but I also want it to be eco-friendly!

You are probably thinking that’s going to make my job a lot harder, right?  Not so, and to prove it, here are some super, simple ways to “green” traditional Mother’s Day gifts!




High on the list of traditional Mother’s Day gifts is flowers!  And most moms (including me!) would enjoy receiving a lovely bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day.

This year, make a conscious effort to give organic flowers which will ensure that they are pesticide-free and have been grown in a way that is much better for the environment.


[For more info about local flowers, check out this post, “Lovely Local Flowers Are Greener!“]


If you are hand-delivering flowers to mom try to purchase flowers that have been locally sourced.    

This means that less fuel (natural resources) was used to get them to you – again a better option for the environment.

You’re likely to find them at Farmer’s Markets and I’ve also seen them at some grocery stores.

traditional Mothers Day gifts

If you plan to have flowers delivered, again, consider using a local florist that sources their flowers locally.

After doing a quick Google search and a little research I would suggest:

Little Acre Flowers
– Located in DC; delivery in DC Metro area (DC/MD/VA)
– Flowers sourced from local farms

Urban Stems
– Delivery in DC Metro area and New York, NY
– Flowers certified responsibly grown

The Bouqs
– Partners with local, eco-friendly farms to source flowers
– Nationwide delivery
– Same-day available

Greeting Cards

I have gotten a lot of Mother’s Day cards in my 17 years as a mom and given tons of them to my own mom!

While I love receiving the traditional Mother’s day gift of greeting cards, especially hand-made ones, an eco-friendly take on cards is to create and send a video instead.


traditional Mothers Day gifts

It is SO easy to create special videos especially since they can be sent across the miles wishing mom a happy Mother’s Day wherever she is.

Even my non-tech mother-in-law is equipped with her iPad and ready to receive electronic wishes! Why not FaceTime or Zoom while you’re at it let her know her special video is on the way?


Get A Little Personal

Maybe you want to go with a traditional Mother’s Day gift that’s a little more personal?   Here are a few ideas with an easy green twist!


For the mom that loves to read:

– Kindle, Nook or iPad

– Subscription to audible.com

Online subscription to her favorite magazine


For the mom that loves to live healthy:

Reusable, stainless steel bottle

– Workout clothes made from organic cotton (pesticides/chemicals aren’t used in the production = better for you and the environment!)

Subscription to a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for fresh, in-season produce all year (Norman’s is one CSA in the DC Metro area)


For the mom that likes to relax (ha!):

Scented beeswax candles

 Organic bath bombs

Subscription to meditation app (I like Calm or Omvana)

– Organic yoga/meditation cushion


Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s easy to take almost any gift idea you have and make it greener by going organic, going local, or just going with a slightly different version.

Good luck finding the perfect gift for all those perfect moms!!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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