Rachel Rosenthal is the owner and founder of Rachel and Company, a professional organizing and event planning firm. Her services also include closet design, organized moves and a new product, Organized in a Box, an all in one home organization product. 

Growing up, one of my neighbors decorated her home in the most impeccable way. Even as a kid, I recognized a classic, timeless aesthetic, and the motif was always green. Not necessarily green as in “go green,” but literally green: hunter, olive, emerald. In each and every room, you could find it somewhere — not as an accent color, but more as a base– a neutral, like off white, beige, tan, or grey. I asked her, “Is green your favorite color?” She said, “Yes, for decorating. Green is like grass. It goes with everything.”

Her philosophy stuck with me, and even though she was not the typical eco-friendly environmentalist, she was green in other ways. She bought durable products and used them throughout her house, over the years, as her kids got older. I am similar: I am thoughtful and intentional when it comes to buying and using organizing containers, especially when I work with kids, since they really do grow so quickly! Here are some products I would recommend that will grow with kids and can be used and reused throughout your house, over the years, in multiple ways:

Copper Wire Basket








Photo/DVD Box Set







Brooklyn Storage Basket


In kids spaces, these products can be used to hold shoes, books, toys, collections and more. After these products have done their job in your child’s space, they can then be used in every room and closet in the house and what they can organize is truly endless.

So, instead of jumping on the trendy bandwagon of that new, “cheap” lime green bin that is in style this Spring (even though we love “green”), why not invest in quality storage containers that you can you use in the your child’s room and reuse and recycle in another space in years to come.


Described by Stacy London from TLC’s What Not to Wear as “one of the most detail oriented people she knows,” Rachel works with top architects, luxury interior designers, local boutique owners, and families to organize their homes and offices, design their dream closets, and bring their over-the-top, or simple and refined visions for corporate events to life.

Rachel is also the author of THE PLAYBOOK, which provides you a roadmap of creating lasting organizing systems with quick, easy, and realistic tips that will get you organizing and keep you going, and the creator of Organized in a Box ™, an all-in-one package delivered right to your door with THE PLAYBOOK and all of the organizing products you need that can be used throughout your house in multiple ways.