If you are still searching for a Father’s Day gift why not make it an environmentally friendly one this year?  And I don’t mean running out to buy bamboo handled razors or a solar powered bbq (although those would be great too!) but let’s see if there’s a green take on whatever you had in mind.  In other words, can you tweak what you were planning on gifting and make it a little more eco-friendly?  Let me demonstrate with a few ideas!

Donate & Reuse

If your go to gift is some sort clothing – maybe a tie or shirt – great! How do you green this one?

Do you have to seek out an organically made fabric that may be hard to find on short notice instead of making a quick trip to the mall?  That would be great but not necessary.

Go ahead, hit the mall and pick out a cool tie dad will love….but in turn can you help your dad part with a few ties he can donate for reuse??  (No need to be offended if he chooses some you’ve given him!!).

This is definitely an eco friendly option that’s easy to execute.

Reduce Waste

You say you always renew dad’s subscription to his favorite magazine for Father’s Day?

Well this year how about giving him an online subscription instead?  This will reduce the amount of paper used and create no waste when he’s done with the magazine!

Speaking of creating waste here is an environmentally friendly option for greeting cards.

Instead of hitting the Hallmark store why not create a video card instead?

Grab your smart phone or tablet to record a personalized video Father’s Day greeting.  You can get the whole family in on the video to create a fun, memorable keepsake.

I know my kids LOVE making videos.  They are so creative and are great at adding all sorts of fun music and effects!  And if dad isn’t local this gift is easy to “ship” right to him!

Reduce Toxins

This one is a little more obvious as an eco-friendly idea but how about giving dad a plant?

Indoor plants are a great way to naturally clean the air in his home and a gift that lasts a long time – assuming he waters it!  :).

An outdoor addition to his garden is definitely green too.  If possible, choose a plant native to his area so it will be well adapted to the climate and easier to care for.

Native plants can also provide food and shelter for local wildlife.  Again, as long as dad cares for the plant it will be around a long time to remind him of you every time he sees it!

Hopefully these few examples have you thinking about ways to easily give your Father’s Day gift idea a green twist!  With a little out-of-the box thinking it’s easy to green dad’s gift!

Here’s to a happy Father’s Day!!

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