The Green Awards, presented by Bethesda Magazine and Bethesda Green, recognize businesses, non-profits, communities and individuals that are leading the local fight to protect the environment at the annual Bethesda Green Gala.

If you’re like me you consider yourself someone who cares about the environment and making  positive changes so Bethesda Green is an organization you support.  Maybe you receive Bethesda Green’s newsletter or attend some of their events but haven’t yet made it to a Gala.

Well, if this sounds like you (and was me until last year!) here are 3 great reasons to attend this year’s Gala!

#1 Fantastic Food & Drink

galafood2Of course with any gala you’d expect to have lots of good food and drink – and the Bethesda Green Gala does not disappoint!

Not only does the Gala offer yummy food and tasty drinks but what’s even better is that almost all of the vendors are local and many of the offerings are organic!

So, you can enjoy all of the tastes AND feel great about how environmentally friendly it is!

#2 Super Silent Auction Items

galaauctionNot only does the Gala provide an opportunity to honor local green champions in our area but also serves as a fundraiser to help support all of the great things Bethesda Green does year round.

The Silent Auction is an excellent way to support Bethesda Green by making a contribution that helps support their ongoing operations and to further their mission to” promote sustainable living practices, build a healthy economy and reduce our collective impact on the environment.”

By participating in the Silent Auction you not only get the chance to support Bethesda Green but you could also be the lucky winner of some fabulous prizes.  Last year’s Gala included items such as a free month of compost pick up, a brewery tour and a certificate towards organic lawn care service.

#3 Amazing Attendees

galawinnerI don’t know about you, but I often feel like I’m the only one in the room who is thinking about the environment and how our actions and choices are going to affect it.  What I enjoyed most about the Gala was being in a room full of people who were just like me that were passionate, in their own ways, about protecting the environment.  It was such a pleasure to meet many of them and learn about how they were all green champions.

The Green Champions who were recognized that night were amazing and the work that they had done (and no doubt continue to do!) was an inspiration.  It was wonderful to be able to be there to give them a well deserved round of applause and congratulate them on all they had accomplished.

See You There?

So, if you have been a supporter of Bethesda Green but on the fence about attending the Gala, hopefully these 3 reasons have given you the incentive to get out there on October 6!  It’s a great event for a great cause – and a lot of fun!!

For more information about this year’s event and to purchase tickets, visit the Bethesda Green site. To read about last year’s Gala winners check out the article on the Bethesda Magazine site.

Hope to see you there!


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